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We are inviting any person interested worldwide (18+) to submit design proposals that use Oerlikon’s 3D Clip Technology and SLM (Metal 3D Printing) in the context of an automotive interior. We will announce the winner on July 1st, 2022. This is a very special opportunity for anyone interested in testing their design skills and creativity, flexing some engineering know-how, learning more about 3D printing in the car industry, or even just up for a new challenge.  

We will be looking for ingenuity both in design and application of Oerlikon’s printing technology as well as some good old lateral thinking. Given the desperate state of our planet and pollution legacy from the auto industry we encourage you vehemently to include material saving, energy conscious, and efficiency concerns in your proposal. 3D printing already involves a lot of material and energy saving capabilities, however, we urge you to think out of the box here. Sometimes the final outcome is the sum of many parts yet it can also be a single expression, you define your limitations or lack thereof.

About Us

At Inktank.Academy we believe anyone should be provided with quality and flexible online learning skills and tools to design cars and products if they have the will. We have the best specialist car design tutors online and dedicated course content paired with real life tutor feedback.

By partnering with Oerlikon, the pre-eminent 3D printing manufacturing specialist, we can hone in on a specific advanced production technology to give you the space to create something with real life applications and inspire the future!


Inktank.Academy based in Magdeberg, Germany is an online car design learning platform founded by Jannis Carius and Peter ten Klooster. Launched in 2018 Inktank Academy has grown to be the pre-eminent source for learning how to become a professional car designer (yes, its a real job!…can you believe it?). The platform is powered by some very smart digital tools to optimise the user’s experience which is ultimately to develop anyone’s ambition to become a pro car designer.

Oerlikon AM

Your metal Additive Manufacturing and product development partner!

Oerlikon AM is a leading provider of metal Additive Manufacturing solutions. The extensive portfolio ranges from the co-development and contract manufacturing of high-quality and performance-optimized components, through R&D, to the production of the company’s own metal powders for AM. Moreover, materials, process and applications engineering, certified manufacturing processes, post-processing and quality management enable Oerlikon AM to provide its global circle of customers with optimally customized comprehensive solutions. Oerlikon AM supplies the aerospace, energy, automotive and tooling sectors as well as various other high-tech industries. Together with Oerlikon Balzers and Oerlikon Metco, Oerlikon AM forms the Surface Solutions segment of the Swiss-based Oerlikon Group.